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Man is an adventurer. Curious by nature.

From the beginning of time, we have embarked on endless expeditions and adventures throughout history, always seeking to go a little further, mapping and conquering new worlds.

In Portugal Escapades we firmly believe in the journey as a learning opportunity. Getting out of our comfort zones, to learn about other cultures and ways of living. To witness first-hand that reality can vary in each part of the world. To discover that the human being is the inevitable result of his living environment and our evolution is closely related to our external context.

Travelling inevitably involves an emotional journey. We are talking about traveling, not just spending holidays or getting around. This means more than collecting stamps in your passport. It´s about being consciously connected to the living moment and the experience you can get. To be an active participant.

World is a live performance and we are kindly invited.

We believe in immersive trip experiences that has been well worthwhile when the traveller return home and realizes that something has changed. All he has experienced over the trip has caused a change in his perception of the world.

We are travel handcrafters. Every single piece is designed to match the individual user's needs exactly.

Every trip is unrepeatable, because every traveler is unique.

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Portugal offers a myriad of small charming places
Medieval castles, cobblestone villages,
captivating cities and golden beaches:
the Portugal experience can be many things.


offers something for everyone
so many great secrets to be discovered
for those in search of the lesser-known
unique experiences

Unique Experiences